Services for Schools and Pupils

DRAKE - The Bookshop Big Box of Brilliant Books

It has been put forward to us that one way of helping schools keep up to date with current titles and alternative authors would be to offer a subscription type service.
Each month we would join you for an assembly promoting and showcasing how amazing reading is. The cost of this is £75 and that would include a whole school assembly and around 10 books in the BIG BOX OF BRILLIANT BOOKS that would either fit in with a current topic (you would need to let us know in advance) or that are new titles that are by children's existing favourite authors or by people who we think are up-and-coming and worth reading.
The books would be delivered in a wrapped box and showcased to the pupils during the assembly, with the intention that they would then spend the rest of the month in a central space so the pupils, parents and visitors get to see the new titles regularly. At the end of that month or in readiness for the next assembly these books when then go into your library or classrooms for you to keep.

Book Groups

We already have a young bookworms and a teen readers book group. These are hosted on a Saturday afternoon once a month. If you know of anyone who would be interested please get their parents to get in touch with us. 

Alternatively we could arrange for your existing book group to come and visit us to peruse suggestions for the term ahead. 

Or, we could give a list of suitable titles and offer some reading group questions and an overview so the teacher organising the group doesn’t ‘feel obliged’ to read the book and still has an idea of what it is the children have read.

Author Events

We work closely with all of the major publishers as well as the authors themselves and are always trying to bring new and established authors to the north east and take them on school visits. We have done events with Nick Sharratt, The 2 Steves and Sue Hendra for younger children as well as local award winning author Sally Nicholls, and Tracy Alexander, Katie Dale, Tom Percival and Scott Allen. If you are interested in finding out more about author events or would like to host one please get in touch. We currently have links with James Nicol, Vashti Hardy, Ross Montgomery, Will Mabbitt, Em Lynas, Gabrielle Kent, Daniel Walker, Jennifer Bell, Chris Callaghan, Dan Smith and Chloe Daykin to name a few, all of whom have said they would be interested in school visits in the area. 

Listening and Speaking Workshops

Richard still enjoys going into schools and working with groups of pupils or the whole class/es. A half day workshop (across 2 or 3 classes) would be £200 and whole day £325 with a FREE Big Box of Brilliant Books and assembly (if required). These can be tailored for any year group and topic, or the theme could be provided. Just contact us and arrange for Richard to come in and do the workshop. (If you have a topic we can choose the book/s to fit or can pick age appropriate books to bring in).

Dyslexia Friendly Reading 

We stock an ever increasing number of dyslexia friendly titles. The publisher Barrington Stoke employs a system whereby you can work out the interest level of a book as well as the reading age and covers of the books are suitable too. This means dyslexic children, or reluctant readers don’t feel patronised when given a book that looks too young for them. 

Books Sales

If you need a class set of books or the library needs updating please ask us for a quote. We can usually offer 15% discount on multiple copies of titles or off a large order for the library. 

Bookshop Enterprise Days

• Encourage your students to become experts in promoting reading for pleasure within your school

• Increase students’ access to, and involvement with, a range of books selected especially for their peers, by their peers, giving a greater chance of every child discovering a book they can’t wait to read

• Enhance literacy levels in primary schools by promoting reading for pleasure

• Boost enterprise, entrepreneurial and initiative skills in children, offering chances to develop new skill sets

• Provide opportunities for children to apply their S.T.E.M subject skills in practical applications: Maths and I.T.

• Fuel students’ confidence and ability to form opinions, make choices, communicate, compromise, plan, debate, speak publicly and respond constructively to advice

 Promote a social venture business model: using business for social change  


We have hosted staff meetings in the shop as a way of allowing the staff to be immersed in the love of books. One school came while they were launching their new curriculum based around 2 or 3 titles per class per term. For more details ring 01642 909970.

Book Fairs

We understand that lots of you are already linked with Book Fairs from companies such as Usborne, and while we can’t offer the discounts they can (yet), we can offer the very latest in book choices and could come to an arrangement regarding discount. If you would to have a Book Fair run by your local indie bookshop please get in touch. We have just forwarded a list for our second school fair at one of the local secondary schools to link in with World Book Day.

Similarly we could put up a stall at parents’ evening for parents to peruse and buy.

Tutoring & Workshops

We are putting together a programme of events that will be run in the shop. Maths tutoring from early Key Stage 2 to GCSE and creative writing sessions. Tutoring can run from 4pm to 6pm on a weekday (from £15 per head for a 50 minute session, booking essential) while creative writing sessions will run on a Saturday afternoon (run as a drop-in club £5 per head for an hour).