Ironopolis - Glen James Brown

Image for Ironopolis IRONOPOLIS - by Glen James Brown  

‘A tapestry of working-class life in all its glory and pain’ – and as with all working-class folk, there’s a good deal of humour as well.

Ironopolis is a smartly written and inventive debut novel which captures the gritty no-nonsense character of the ‘Boro working class.

The story is set on a council estate in Middlesbrough about to be pulled down to build homes for a new generation. As the inhabitants of Burn estate are re-homed and prepare to move out the troubled history of three generations of family life are unravelled as each character retells their own story. Stories of pride, industry and hard-work. Boom times and recession. Social stigma, prejudice and unrequited love…

Jean unveils a secret on her deathbed. Alan unravels the truth of his father, who has haunted the Burn Council Estate for a lifetime. Corina is trying to get through one last day at the hairdressers before closing it for good.

The narrative is cleverly layered so that each character’s story is linked to the next and real events of Teesside history provide an atmospheric backdrop including ‘The Day of the Dark’ an epic storm from 1968, and the mythical Peg Powler. A creature of Teesside legend used by parents to frighten children into good behaviour, Peg is said to haunt the River Tees, appearing as a beautiful young woman with green hair pretending to drown so that people enter the water and try to save her.

If you enjoyed Ten Storey Love Song by Richard Millward – you will love this!

Come and meet Glen in the shop on Saturday 17th November at 4.00pm where he will be talking about his book, and signing copies.

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Ironopolis – paperback £9.99