Dates & Books Wednesday & Friday

Wednesday Evening -

7.00pm - 10th July 2019

TANGERINE by Christine Mangan

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Girl on a Train meets The Talented Mr Ripley under the Moroccan sun 

Tangerine is a gripping psychological literary thriller. An extraordinary debut, so tightly wound, so evocative of 1950s Tangier, and so cleverly plotted that it will leave you absolutely breathless.

The last person Alice Shipley expected to see since arriving in Tangier with her new husband was Lucy Mason.
After the horrific accident at Bennington, the two friends - once inseparable roommates - haven't spoken in over a year. But Lucy is standing there, trying to make things right.  


Friday Lunchtime -

12.30pm - 12th July 2019


Image for The Long Walk : The True Story of a Trek to Freedom

Slavomir Rawicz was a young Polish cavalry officer. On 19th November 1939 he was arrested by the Russians and after brutal interrogation he was sentenced to 25 years in the Gulags. After a three month journey to Siberia in the depths of winter he escaped with six companions, realising that to stay in the camp meant almost certain death.


Dates & Books Teen & Bookworms

Teen Readers - 

3pm SaturdayJuly 13th 2019

Image for The Secret Runners of New York 

.'When Skye Rodgers and her twin brother Red move to Manhattan, rumours of a coming global apocalypse are building. But this doesn't stop the young elite from partying without a care. Then Skye joins an exclusive gang known as the Secret Runners of New Yok.
But this is no ordinary clique. They have access to an underground portal that can transport them into the future. And what Skye discovers there is horrifying .
. . What would you do to survive?


Young Bookworms -                                                                       

2pm Saturday July 13th 2019 

MALAMANDER by Thomas Taylor

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Nobody visits Eerie-on-Sea in the winter. Especially not when darkness falls and the wind howls around Maw Rocks and the wreck of the battleship Leviathan, where even now some swear they have seen the unctuous Malamander creep... Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, knows that returning lost things to their rightful owners is not easy - especially when the lost thing is not a thing at all, but a girl.

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