Dates & Books Wednesday & Friday

Wednesday Evening -

7.00pm - 12th June 2019

Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession



Friday Lunchtime -

12.30pm - 14th June 2019

Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession

Yes, that's right all our adult book groups are reading the same book - because it's awesome and everyone needs some Leonard and Hungry Paul in their lives!


Leonard and Hungry Paul are two quiet friends who see the world differently. They use humour, board games and silence to steer their way through the maelstrom that is the 21st century.


Dates & Books Teen & Bookworms

Teen Readers - 

3pm SaturdayJune 8th 2019

Image for Slick 


Eric Young is the first child android to be trialled in society, but he doesn't know that. He does know that he's just moved to Ashland from London, so it's important that he makes new friends. Not just any friends, but the right kind - the kind that would be interested in skateboarding and the new Slick trainers his Uncle Martin sends him.


Young Bookworms -                                                                       


2pm Saturday June 8th 2019 

Author Rosanne Parry will be joining us live by Skype, all the way from Portland Oregon, to talk about her book A Wolf Called Wander.

 Image for A Wolf Called Wander

Swift lives with his pack in the mountains, until one day his home and family are lost. Alone and starving, Swift must make a choice: stay and try to eke out a desperate life on the borders of his old hunting grounds, or strike out and find a new place to call home. The journey Swift must go on is long and full of peril for a lone wolf, and he'll need to take every chance he can.

Will he find the courage to survive all by himself? Inspired by a true story, A Wolf Called Wander is about family, courage and survival. 


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