Uncertain Times!

What can you do?

The one thing we all know is, there is a bloke called Jeff who definitely doesn’t need your help right now!

However, some things you can do to help us (and the rest of those on the high street) …..

  • Buy Books - we are virtually open, and still have a great selection of books. 

  • Phone or buy via our website - if you can’t get into the shop we can take orders over the phone, or online and send them out to you or deliver if you are more local. Children's Selection, Bringing the Outside Inside, Current Affairs (?), Fun & Quirky Reads, Top Selling Reads, It's Criminal.

  • What about buying a book for a friend or neighbour or colleague. Maybe they are in isolation, maybe they need some support, maybe they have just run out of books, we can help out.

  • Request some recommendations - stop our brains from becoming idle mush! We have some great books we love to recommend, especially if you are looking for something new.

  • Join in our book clubs online. Book groups won’t be meeting in the shop for a little while, but we will be meeting virtually and chatting with the authors in some cases, - find the relevant events page on Facebook.

  • Share us on Social Media - tell the world how awesome you think we are (assuming you do!) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Write a review on Google, or just tell your friends we are here – there are still so many people who don’t realise (I know, crazy, right?)

  • Review some books - so others can take more than just our word for it! Tag us in on social media or comment on our webpages where you can.

  • Buy Leonard and Hungry Paul (if not for yourself for some poor soul who hasn’t discovered it yet!) Just think of that moment before you started it, sharing that joyous moment with friends is a must!

  • Make some habits that will last after this is all over! We are all likely to have a bit of extra time over the next few days and weeks. Put reading time back in your daily routine – cook some new food, make weeds work for your garden, stargaze, birdwatchThere’s an app a book for that!!!