Monday afternoon Twitter chat

What a lovelt way to spend a February Monday afternoon.

Some Y5 pupils from Harewood Primary cam to visit, they joined in with I Say Oooh You Say Aah and then we asked Vashti Hardy some questions about her awesome novel Brightstorm on Twitter. Below are the answers (oh and keep an eye out for the pupils and John Kane and Vashti's books on Channel 4 news soon!)

What the best book youve read?  
Rebecca’s World by Terry Nation - great riddles and world building plus a nice eco message and I love Eolf Brother Michelle Paver 
Where did you get the idea to write #Brightstorm?`  
From Shackleton’s advert for his Imperial trans Antarctic expedition - I’ll try and find a copy of it :) (here is the link
What inspired you to write about a character with one arm?  
Arthur appeared in my head with one arm - sometimes characters do that - just arrive like they do! But when he did I thought it was great to have an adventurous character who happened to have a disability but it’s not the focus of the story at all. 
How long did it take to write ?  
About a year but I was doing other things too at the time so not full on for a year! Mind you good to have space for the story to ‘grow’ too :) 
What inspired you to start writing?  
I love world building so always wanted to create stories set somewhere different and I love asking ‘what if?’ E.g. what if explorers travelled in sky-ships or what if animals were as intelligent (or more intelligent!) than humans 
Do you enjoy writing your books?
 I LOVE it! I seriously think it’s the best ‘job’ in the world! I get to be an inventor and adventure anywhere in my mind with all sorts of characters and I just love it!
How impressed are you with the books you've written?  
Haha! Well I think readers are a far better judge than me - so if they’re happy, I’m happy! It’s really important to me that readers feel the worlds I build are ‘real’ and exist somewhere... that they are part of the crew - if they are then I feel I’ve done my job :) 
What's the favourite book you've written?  
I really love all stories for different reasons but at the moment I am loving being in the world the new one out in May! There are some cool inventions in it and I love the trio of friends - more very soon on this! X 
And the question we didn't get to answer..... What's your favourite flavour of ice cream? Watch this space for an answer.